My name is Roman and I am the owner of Cheeselabel. The passion for cheese led me to open my own cheese shop.

I started at consumer fairs and I quickly realized that cheese also makes other people happy. My message was always there: fairness and correctness towards the customer.

The positive customer feedback at the trade fairs gave me the necessary motivation to open my first Cheeselabel store in Baden near Vienna and to market cheese online at the same time. Another business is expected to take place in Vienna’s city centre this autumn (2020).

4 questions for owner Roman Dolesal:

1.) What were the first cheeselabel varieties and how did the idea come about?

I started with about 7 cheeses. From colorful to the normal “cheese yellow”. The variety “Camouflage” was there from the beginning and is still one of my favorites.

2.) Which are your favorite varieties?

Blue pearl and camouflage.

3.) Where do you get inspiration for new creations?

I got inspiration for new cheeses on business or leisure trips. Wherever there is cheese in the world, I also try. So I keep coming up with new ideas. 3 new cheese variations will follow soon.

4.) Why should cheese lovers become customers with us?

? With us you get very good cheese at a reasonable price. Among them, special mountain cheeses from Austria and Switzerland.
? Each order is freshly cut down from the cheese wheel, vacuumed immediately after and shipped by express. Thus, we guarantee a short delivery time with maximum freshness.
? Customer = King. Without our customers, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Therefore, fairness and respectful treatment of customers are our top priorities.